Feeling Nervous About Your Photoshoot? Breaking down a photoshoot to help with any nervous

If the thought of a photoshoot makes you feel a little jittery, don’t worry – you’re definitely not alone. A lot of people will mention to me before a session how nervous they feel, or if a family member is dreading the photo shoot. I’m here to tell you that there is absolutely nothing to worry about!

A big element of feeling nervous is fear of the unknown! So, I want to break down a photo shoot and what a photoshoot entails. So you have a clear understanding of what to expect from start to finish and this will hopefully help with any worries.

Booking In

If you have a date in mind, please let me know. I can send you my online calendar, and you have chosen a date. Once we have confirmed a date, you pay your booking fee, and you’re all booked in! I will email you your Client Portal where you can pay your session fee and sign your contract.

A Bit Of Planning

Before the shoot, we do some quick & easy planning to make sure the session is completely bespoke for you and your family. I’ll send you a short questionnaire to get to know you better. I will offer you a Zoom or phone call to chat about any questions you might have. I will also set you up on WhatsApp, so it is easier to communicate and be in contact for the shoot (if we need help finding each other on the day!)

The Photo Shoot

Don’t worry, I never come into your house or meet you at our location and immediately start snapping away. We’ll have a little chat, while we’re walking to our location or if the session is at home it would be
helpful if I could have a little tour of your home, so I know where the best light is. Then I’ll gradually start taking photos when you’re ready & and comfortable. You don’t need to worry about what to do, or where
to look etc. Making you comfortable and relaxed is part and parcel of what I do. Definitely no awkward posing or saying ” cheese.” I will gently guide you through your session. There will be no feeling awkward not knowing what to do next.


Lots of parents will always mention to me, how worried they are about their toddler/child not playing ball! I have never met a toddler/child who hasn’t started to relax and come out of their shell on a photoshoot. Because everything is laid back and child-led, there is no stressful situation to make them smile!


I hate to generalize but Dads are usually the ones most reluctant to have a photoshoot! In my questionnaire, I ask you to tell me a little something about every family member in the shoot. Most people put in there that the Dad is not too keen on having their photo taken. By the end of the session, the dads have normally come around and 9/10 they will say to me- that it wasn’t as bad as they thought. I’ve even had quite a few times that it was enjoyable!!!

My style of photography ensures that my photos will tell an honest story. Every photoshoot is bespoke to each family, never two are the same.Ebety families engey is different. I can have back-to-back sessions in the same location on the same day, the same light and the galleries are totally different. Because no families are the same.

The session is what fits in with your lifestyle, at home with your new baby, capturing the start of family life or documenting family moments in the countryside. Every parent hopes to remember every detail of their little ones’ time as a newborn, the faces they make while sleeping, those cute little smiles as they dream (even if it
is just wind), or how very tiny they look in your arms, I will be capturing all that for you. Or whether your children are not babies anymore and you want to capture the magic of their childhood for you to hold on to. If you think an outdoor photoshoot is for you, we’re lucky to live in the most beautiful countryside.
The session will be about 60 to 90 minutes at your home or a location of your choice. I aim for a relaxed and fun photoshoot.

So no need to feel worried about a photoshoot, you’re in good hands…. I’ve done this loads of times!!

I hope this has helped

Nicola xx