Embracing Toddler Chaos: A Survival Guide for Family Photoshoots

Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of family photoshoots with toddlers! If you’ve ever attempted to wrangle a small human into having their photo taken, you know it’s an adventure! But fear not, I do not do stressful photoshoots – EVER. I love to embrace the chaos and the beauty of real life. Before taking the leap into becoming a full-time photographer, I was an assistant at a primary school for over 8 years. I worked very closely with reception, helping them settle into school life. I also was a first aider, so I’m very used to chaos and just knowing how kids work. Not to mention I have two boys of my own. They are both teenagers now, so I have lived it all!

Here’s your survival guide to navigating the toddler photo session mayhem:

Embrace the Chaos:

Every session is child-led, perfect for kids no matter their age or how shy/confident they can be. When it comes to toddlers and little children there is always a little bit of chaos 😂 I love to embrace the chaos and enjoy the moments as they happen ✨

Going With The Flow

When coming into your session, I have a rough plan in my head of what I want to get. There is a plan, but also at the same time, there’s no plan! I know what I want and need to get, so I let the session unfold naturally with some gentle building from me. I’m a big lover of just going with the flow and showcasing you as a family.
My main goal for a session is to create joyful and natural images that you are going to love. I want you to enjoy the shoot experience. This isn’t going to look the same for every family. Yes, I have my own style of photography, but every family is different. No family is the same, every session is totally bespoke to your family.
My goal is for you to smile every time they look at the photos. I will be directing you gently throughout the session, so don’t be worried about feeling you will have to pose awkwardly or not knowing what to do next.
Just leave it to me, and I will gently guide you and your family through your session!

Bribery Works Wonders

Let’s be honest, bribes are the unsung heroes of family photography. Whether it’s promising ice cream after or you bring a snack for a halfway through. I always suggest bringing a snack if you feel your child would like one. There is plenty of time for snacks and breaks.


Patience is something I have always prided myself on., I have always been a very patient person. I always allow time for the children to come out of their shells. There is never any rush, no being told to sit still and smile. We just take out time and let the session follow

Embrace Imperfection

There is no such thing as perfection, it is a myth! I’m not capturing perfection, I capture love and connection.

Trusting Me

I don’t want this to come across as cheesy. But trust me, I’ve got this! I’ve done this so many times. I have never walked away from a session feeling I haven’t got what I needed and it went terribly!

So, if you’re considering a photo shoot with your little ones, remember it’s okay for it to be wild, messy and real. The soft quiet moments will be captured too. Embrace the chaos, treasure the moments, and know that everything will turn out just fine. Plus bring the snacks 😂

I hope this has helped

Nicola xx