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I understand that investing in professional photography can be a big decision, especially when it comes to capturing special moments with your loved ones. That’s why I strive to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for my clients.

I believe that everyone deserves to have beautiful, high-quality photos of their family, and I am committed to providing an exceptional experience from start to finish.

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Your questions

What happens if my child doesn't want to have their photo taken?
This is absolutely nothing to worry about. Kids normally are little unsure of what to expect at first. At the start of every session I want the kids to feel happy and comfortable. When I do start taking a photo, they are normally happy playing, chatting and they don't notice. For many years I was a midday assistant at a primary school, so I am very used to working with kids. So don't worry they will soon come round.
When will I receive my photos?

Normally within 2 weeks, I aim to get your online gallery over to you. I will send you an email with a link and password for you to follow. The gallery is password protected. Any prints and digital images are purchased separately after your session.

I offer 5 different packages that you can choose from if you wish. If you need any help with choosing which photos to choose or which package might be best, just let me know and we can have a phone call to chat about what might be best.

If i order a package how do I pay and when will i receive my order?
You can order any packages or prints through your online gallery. I will send you a quick demonstration video on how to your gallery. Simply order the package you want, and you can pay securely through your online gallery. When everything is usually ready within 7 days, I will either arrange a time to drop it round to you if I'm close by or I will send then recorded delivery with Royal Mail. Either way I will keep you updated the whole time.
What happens if it rains?

British weather is unpredictable at the best of times, so if it's due to rain when your session is booked, we can reschedule for another day. If we get there and get started, then it suddenly starts to rain we can wait it out to see if it's just a shower. If it doesn't improve or makes the ground too wet then again we will reschedule it's not a problem.

What happens if i need to cancel?
Having to cancel and rearrange is absolutely fine. Things happen, kids get tummy bugs, and things crop up. We will just get another date booked in the diary.

A few of extra answers for Newborn shoots

What age is the best to photograph my baby

There’s nothing quite like a newborn baby. Curled-up limbs, sleepy eyes, tiny wrinkled fingers and toes, papery skin… the list goes on… Delicate, hazy and still oblivious to the world. These beautiful little loves are made to crumple and floor even the most steely-hearted of us.

If you want to capture that particular ‘newborn’ time before they start to unfurl and become less sleepy and more alert, you need to do this ideally within the first two weeks after they are born. However, it’s still fine to do these at 2-4 weeks as many are still relatively chilled for the majority of the day at this point. Many Mothers book these in alongside their maternity sessions. But saying all that  is never a "right time", every stage in their life is worth capturing.

What happens if my baby is unsettled ?

It's absolutely fine, if your baby is having an off morning and is unsettled there is no rush. When I have a newborn session, I have the whole day free, don't worry it never takes all day ( don't worry, it never does!) It just means there is plenty of time for feeding and cuddling, so no one feels rushed because babies are in their own homes they normally settle quickly.

Do you only do morning sessions

Yes, I do! Because I don't use lighting or a flash, mornings are the best time for natural light. The light in the mornings is always softer and gives a beautiful feel to the photo. Even if it's grey and raining outside, it doesn't matter