Sandbach Family Photographer/ Worried Your Child Won’t Want Their Photo Taken!

When considering booking a photoshoot, do you ever worry that your child won’t want their photo taken?? Well, you’re not alone.! It’s the top concern of most of my clients with young children. Clients see images on my social media and website and want the same. They want that beautiful photo of their family, where everyone looks happy and relaxed. But they think their child won’t do that.

But let me ask you this, is there such a thing as a perfect photo? Think about it. Is perfection found in the perfect smile, the perfect pose, or the perfect lighting? Or is it found in the imperfections, the candid moments, the captured essence of who your child truly is?

Imagine this. Your child is having a photoshoot, and they start to cry. Would you panic and cancel the whole thing? Or would you embrace the tears as part of their story? As a photographer, I believe that real emotions make for unforgettable captures. Those tears are a glimpse into your child’s world, a window to their soul.

If your child cries during a photoshoot, I don’t rush it. We take our time. I understand that sometimes, kids just need a moment to express themselves, to let all those big emotions out.

You see, timeless photos aren’t about perfection. They are about the genuine connections, the loving interactions, and the pure joy shared between families. They are about freezing a moment in time and cherishing it for generations to come. And what better way to capture those magical moments than in the great outdoors?

Imagine this. You and your child are surrounded by nature’s beauty. The rolling countryside of Cheshire or the breathtaking hills of the Peaks District as the backdrop for your family’s story. The wind gently tousling your hair, the sunlight casting a warm glow on your faces. These outdoor photoshoots are a celebration of life, of adventure, and of the bond that ties you all together.

Natural, unfiltered, and real. That’s what I strive for in our session. I want to capture the essence of who your child is, with all their quirks, their giggles, and their tears. Because these moments, whether joyful or challenging, they are what make your child unique. They are what make your family’s story worth telling.

So, the next time you worry about your child not wanting to have their photo taken, remember this. It’s not about the perfect smile or the perfect pose. It’s about the journey, the memories, and the love that fills your hearts. Embrace the imperfections, cherish the tears, and let us capture the magic of your family’s story, one frame at a time.

Because, after all, there is no perfect photo. There is only the love, the joy, and the genuine connections that make this journey called life truly beautiful.

I promise you, with a little snack and some time they will be happy playing, none the wiser that I’m snapping away and you will get those beautiful, happy photos.

If you are thinking of booking a photoshoot with me, feel free to download my brochure to try out more.

Nic xx