Hello, I’m Nicola

a few things about me….

Hi, I’m Nicola – I’m based in Cheshire

I’m married to a lovely man and we have two gorgeous boys ages 16 and 13. They truly are the reason I love photography. As a new mother, I was obsessed with taking photos of my boys, I didn’t want to miss a beat! I felt like time was going so fast I wanted to capture everything. Now they are classic teenagers and are not keen on having their photo taken!


Dyslexia has been a massive part of my life. When I was diagnosed with dyslexia, before that diagnosis, I had 5 years at school of teachers telling me I was lazy and them just not understanding me. Nothing really changed until I went to high school. Growing up with dyslexia in the 90s was so hard. It wasn’t until I was an adult that my thoughts changed on my dyslexia. I realised that my dyslexia was my superpower and that school just wasn’t for me. Dyslexia is hard, and there’s no getting away from that! But there are so many wonderful things that come along with it, one is being creative and resourceful. These are the parts I want to celebrate.

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I have always been a very creative person

and I've taken that love for creating something special into my photography.

My passion is to capture a beautiful moment. What I love about photography is when you look at a photo you are transported straight back, you feel all those same feelings. What you have caught on a photo is captured forever and that is what I love.