Cheshire Newborn Photographer / How to Prepare For Your At-Home Newborn Photoshoot

Newborn sessions are a joy for me to photograph because this is such a special time in your lives, and it’s just the biggest privilege to capture that for you. Having a photoshoot at home may seem a bit daunting, but the entire reason for photographing in your own space is so you are more relaxed – and everything you might need during a session is already there! Luckily, there are a few things you can do in preparation for our photoshoot to help you feel more prepared and get the most out of your session.

Picking Your Date

I always get asked, “When is the best time to have my newborn shoot?” and the answer is that there is no right time! Every mother is different, and every baby is different. I always say it really depends on how you’re feeling. When they are just a couple of weeks old, they are still very sleepy, so we can get lots of lovely sleeping shots, but not everyone feels ready to have a shoot straight away.

When booking, we work out a rough estimated date based on when you are due. The ‘ideal’ timing for newborn photography is within the first 8–14 days, but that’s only a guild. Anything before and after those two weeks still works. When it comes to premature babies and twins (or more), I recommended rebooking for 3–5 weeks post-birth, as these babies can be extra sensitive to outside stimuli and will remain tiny for longer.

What to Wear For Your Newborn Photoshoot

I have written a blog about this

Softer natural tones always look lovely for a newborn shoot, and keeping it simple is key for a newborn session. A newborn shoot is obviously all about celebrating your baby, but it’s also about capturing the connection you and your family have. Coordinating your outfits shows that you are a group, a family, and belong together. Saying that doesn’t mean everyone should match. Instead, think about the style of clothes and coordinate that. Choose colours that complement each other.

Natural Daylight

Natural daylight is key! Natural daylight gives a soft, gentle light. It doesn’t matter if it’s a grey day outside.

Once I arrive, I would like to have a quick look around your house. I promise I’m not being noisy! I’m just looking to see what room has the best light.

Feeding & Breaks

First of all, there is no rush!! I allowed plenty of time for a newborn session. If possible, try and feed your baby just before our photoshoot. Hopefully, this will make them all sleepy, and we can capture those sleepy shots immediately. If your little one isn’t cooperating, please don’t worry! There will be plenty of time to take any breaks that are needed, and feeding (whether breastfed or bottle-fed) feeding shots make the most beautiful moments. My sessions are very relaxed, so there is definitely no rushing around. So, lots of time for comforting your little one.


What Happens If My Baby Is Unsettled?

If your baby is unsettled, It’s totally fine. We have plenty of time; there’s lots of time for cuddles and feeding. I’m happy to wait; make us a cup of tea and chat while your little one settles down. There is no pressure!

Tidying up

There is no need to go around having a ma clean. If anything is in the way of the shot, I will move it; it’s fine.

Keeping It Nice And Warm!

We want to give your little ones (and you!) as comfortable an experience as possible, so it’s a good idea to make sure your house is nice and warm when we get going.

I hope you have found that helpful